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Stony vs. Stoney: Let's Debate It!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

July 2016 - On Tuesday, July 19, the Foundation sponsored a debate on the subject of the spelling of the name of our lake.   The debate was lively, entertaining and informative.   It included a public participation session moderated by Elwood Jones of Trent Valley Archives.   Max Binnie, arguing on behalf of Stoney, emerged as the winner of the debate.   Following the debate, presentations were made by Elwood Jones (on behalf of Trent Valley Archives) and Sue Dutton (on behalf of the Lake Museum and on behalf of the Peterborough Museum and Archives) about the importance of protecting the photographs, documents and memorabilia that commemorate the history of the lake.

Prior to the debate, a background document was prepared for the assistance of each of the debaters.   A revised and updated copy of the document is available here: INFORMATION FOR DEBATERS.

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