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Grant Applications

An application for a grant from the Foundation may be made at any time and will be considered as soon as practicable after it is received.  Please see the 'News' section on the homepage of this website for examples of projects we have supported to date. We only fund projects of benefit to Clear Lake, Stony Lake and Upper Stoney Lake and adjacent areas.

Funding Priorities

Our priorities include the restoration and repair of historic buildings on Juniper Island; projects which benefit the natural environment, including but not limited to protecting water quality, natural shoreline restoration and environmental mapping; and where feasable, the protection of lands in their natural state.

Application process

 An application may be submitted at any time.  There is no particular form that your application must take. The directors will gladly respond to any questions that you may have about the application process.

How to Apply

Applications should be addressed to  The Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, 488 Briar Hill Ave, Toronto ON M5N 1M7 or may be sent by e-mail to

Grant Applications: Programs
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