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Juniper Island heritage building reconstruction

July 2016 - During 2015 and 2016 the Foundation participated strongly in the reconstruction of the Juniper Island Store and in repairs to the Boathouse.   Funding was provided through the highly successful Juniper Island Capital Campaign.   The Foundation contracted with Kawartha Lakes Construction to carry out all elements of the Store reconstruction project that were eligible for Heritage Foundation funding.  The Foundation contracted with AM Construction and with R&J Machine to carry out the eligible elements of the work on the Boathouse.  The Foundation's architect and engineer provided day to day supervision of the Store reconstruction and advised on the release of funds.  The project was completed in early July 2016.   Surplus funds generated through the Campaign will be retained by the Foundation to assist with eligible future expenses relative to all of the heritage buildings at Juniper Island, including the Pagoda and the Pavilion.

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