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Conservation Easement Agreements: Protection for Lake Health and Property

by Thom Unrau, Kawartha Land Trust and Roslyn Moore, Environment Council for Clear, Stony and White Lakes

With support from the Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, Kawartha Land Trust is exploring the expanded use of Conservation Easement Agreements (CEAs) on our beloved lake. Conservation Easement Agreements allow an interested cottager to register a permanent commitment to maintain natural features on the title of their land. In many cases this is simply making permanent the protection to which an owner is already committed. The property can be sold or passed to family and the protection remains. Because the CEA is permanent, an income tax credit is issued to the owner of the property. In this way the CEA could be practical in pro

tecting lake health and in supporting cottage succession planning, but more information is required on what kind of properties are eligible. Through research and case studies with volunteering cottagers, KLT will be able to offer a new tool in 2024 to lake residents concerned about the future of the lake.

This pilot study will help KLT prepare to provide assistance to cottagers through on-site identification of significant natural heritage features and ongoing stewardship assistance in 2024. The work will also support Environment Council advocacy on shoreline protection bylaws.

The project was identified as being of interest to lake residents through work spearheaded by the Environment Council, and is supported by its volunteers.

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