Heritage Foundation supports new water testing initiatives

The Heritage Foundation has long supported the work of Kawartha Lakes Stewards Association in its volunteer-run program of sampling and testing water quality in Stony, Upper Stoney and Clear lakes.    This year the Foundation has also agreed to fund research into the chemistry of the water in our lakes.  Dr. Paul Frost of Trent University is heading up this research, which is expected to provide information on a variety of chemicals along with temperature gradients from surface to depth.  The results will be published through a brief annual report.  The data collected is expected to be valuable in understanding and responding to issues of climate change.

Heritage Foundation annual meeting

On June 30, 2018 the Foundation held its annual general meeting at the Pavilion, Juniper Island, Stony Lake.    Here is a copy of the report to the membership, including our financial report for the year ended December 31,2017:  SLHF ann mtg booklet 2018.    On behalf of the Foundation, Blair Mackenzie expressed gratitude to the Stoney Lake Sprint in particular for its ongoing support of the Foundation.